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FA Instructions

Welcome to the 2021/2022 FA Application home page.  In our efforts in reducing our carbon footprint, we have moved our application to be fully digital. After reading through these instructions, if you require further assistance in filling out these forms, please contact BJ Spearman at or 778-782-8049.

To begin, please press the 'Start' button adjacent to the Faculty Associate Application above.  At any time you may either 'Save and Continue Editing' or 'Save and Exit' and it will bring you back to the homepage.  When you have finished filling out the form, it will bring you back to the homepage and let you know whether your form is 'Complete' or 'Incomplete'. You can go back into your application at any time to edit or make changes prior to hitting the Submit button.  

Secondly, you will be asked to upload your: curriculum vitae, TQS card (showing your current payscale category) and transcript(s). You will need to click the Submit button to upload your documents. Once uploaded, you will be able to see your attachment and make changes if necessary. Hitting the back button at the top right hand corner will bring you back to the home page.

Thirdly, you will be asked to invite three recommenders (via email) to submit your letters of reference (three letters are mandatory).   Once their emails have been entered, each referree will be sent a link to upload a letter of reference to your account. Referree's must create an account in order to upload their letters to the system. You will receive a confirmation email once each recommender has submitted their reference letter. We have given your referees until Monday, Nov. 9th @ 4:00pm to submit their letters.  

Lastly, you will complete the five questions in the written assignment (always having the option of saving and editing). You must enter some text into each answer field in order to see all of the questions. If you submitted an application last year, please remember to update your responses as the questions have changed slightly. 

Once all your tasks are 'Complete' you will be able to hit the Submit button on the bottom left hand corner of this page.  Once you hit submit, you will not be able to edit your submission. Don't worry, as our office will be in contact with you if anything is missing in your application!  

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a Faculty Associate in Professional Programs.  We look forward to reviewing your application.